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Song and a Prayer

Worship music absolutely puts me in the mood to worship God. Praise and worship is one of my most favorite things to do. I'm the one standing there in church with tears running down my cheeks because the words are so profound. The words of such songs reach out and touch my very soul. I feel at times they are the Holy Spirit talking to me, even though most worship songs are of us talking to Him. I cannot sing the words without it touching me greatly. When you stop to think about it you are talking to God. You are talking to the One who created the universe. You are singing praises to the Son of God, who died on the cross for you. It is a very emotional thing for me. Sometimes I come across songs that the Holy Spirit sends to me just when I need to hear. Such songs that do that are Mercy Me - You Are I Am and Plumb - I Need You Now. But one such song has had such a profound effect on me that I listen to it as a form of prayer. And this song will drop into my head right at times when … [Keep Reading...]

Melaleuca Essential Oil

Top 9 Benefits of Melaleuca Essential Oil Melaleuca essential oil or also known as "Tea Tree Oil" has many health benefits that go beyond the use of normal essential oils. In most cases, melaleuca oil should be diluted in a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or in water. It can be diluted in sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, or even extra virgin olive oil. Not all melaleuca essential oils can be taken internally, so if you use a brand other than doTERRA make sure it is food grade. I recommend doTERRA because it is food grade and carries the CPTG symbol - "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade." If you don't like the aroma you can add it with lavender essential oil to give it a light floral fragrance. Great skin cleanser as it rejuvenates the skin cells. Dilute in witch hazel. Helps to promote and strengthen the immune system. Add a couple of drops to a veggie cap or in your favorite citrus drink or water and take internally Soothes skin irritations from minor cuts, … [Keep Reading...]

The Many Hats I Wear

I thought it would be neat to get to know me a little better, since this is my website. I wear many hats. First hat I wear is I am a wife. My husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I thought that was cool in an age when divorce is so prevelant and when marriage is so lax. We credit the success of our marriage to putting Jesus Christ in the center of us. When I first met my husband I knew the moment we were introduced that I'd marry him. I kid you not, a voice in my head (God) said "This is the man you will marry." - Needless to say that freaked me out a bit, but suffice it to say that within 2 months we were engaged and we married before we had our 6 month meeting anniversary. And the rest, they say is history which leads me to my second hat.... I am a mother. We have six beautiful children. Our oldest is 18 and our youngest is 5. I love being a mother. I feel that God blessed me with each and every one of them. I would have loved more if it had been in … [Keep Reading...]

Peppermint Essential Oil

The Top 9 Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil If you love candy or any peppermint candies, you will love the scent of peppermint essential oil. It literally smells like crushed candy canes in a bottle. I keep a bottle of peppermint essential oil in my medicine cabinet at all times. Here is a listing of the many wonderful benefits of peppermint oil: There is nothing fresher than or as refreshing as peppermint in the mouth. Add a couple of drops to a glass of water and swish for instant mouthwash. It helps to promote healthy breathing function. Open the bottle and inhale the fresh fragrance for immediate benefits with the respiratory system. It is especially helps for sinusitis issues. Have an upset stomach? Inhale the aroma of the oil help with an upset stomach (nausea, indigestion, heartburn), or rub a dab on the abdomen.  Great for use with food. Add a drop to a cup of hot cocoa for a chocolate mint drink. Add to any food in which peppermint can be used. Add peppermint … [Keep Reading...]

Rosemary Essential Oil

Top 10 Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil I bet you thought rosemary was just an herb to use in cooking, didn't ya? Well, this wonderful herb when made into a pure essential oil has benefits that go beyond flavoring foods. Below are the top benefits of using rosemary essential oil. Rosemary essential oil is safe to use on adults however, it should not be used on pregnant women. Children under the age of six should only use it diluted. Rosemary is safe in these cases to use topical, right on the skin, aromatically in a diffuser, and internally. Rosemary oil is a great support for healthy digestion. Add to foods or rub over the belly for digestion support. Rosemary has antioxidant properties and helps to boost the immune system to fight off free radicals (cancer causing agents.) Rosemary may help to reduce the swelling and inflammation of joints due to arthritis. Rosemary is one of the top essential oils recommended for diabetes treatment by possibly helping to regulate … [Keep Reading...]

Lavender Essential Oil

The Top 20 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil I have to admit that lavender essential oil is one of my most favorite oils. I always have a bottle in my medicine cabinet and use it with the whole family. Aside from the obvious, lavender smells great, lavender has properties that go beyond tickling the sense of smell. Lavender essential oil captures the very best properties of the plant to give us benefits that go beyond aromatherapy. Lavender calms the senses. Lavender is added to baby bath products to help induce a nice calm sleep. When diffused in a room it helps to bring about a sense of serenity to dispel anxiety. Carry a vehicle diffuser to spray when in hectic traffic to help calm nerves. Lavender is a natural soother to chapped lips and irritated skin. Bee or bug bites and stings hurt and cause intense itching. Lavender helps to take the itch and sting away.  Having trouble sleeping? Try rubbing a drop of oil on the back of the neck or place drops on the pillow. … [Keep Reading...]

Win a Family Physician Kit!

by doTERRA Because I am a doTERRA Wellness Consultant I can offer some goodies once in a while. I love this company. Their oils are absolutely the best on the market. I'm so excited to offer my subscribers a chance at winning a Family Physician Starter Kit, worth $166. If I could I would give everyone I know some of these awesome oils just so they can discover for themselves how wonderful essential oils really are. Win a Family Physician Kit ($166 value) The Family Physician Kit is one of the most popular doTERRA essential oil kits available. It's a wonderful place to start if you are new to the idea of essential oils. It includes 5 mL bottles of: Lavender Lemon Peppermint Melaleuca Oregano Frankincense Deep Blue® (soothing blend) Breathe (respiratory support blend) DigestZen (digestive support blend) On Guard® (protective blend) How to Enter for Your Chance to Win: 1. Click here to sign up for email updates from my blog  (If you are already a … [Keep Reading...]

Serial Vigilante by CH Kelly

Choosing a Victim My heart races with the thought of going on the hunt.  Prowling the streets, nostrils flared as I scent the air for both prey and danger.  Camouflaged, I blend in, I become another shadow among so many shadows.  Poised for the moment the one I long for is identified. Many of us have a type and that is perfectly fine.  The reason were pursue our glorious hobby, is to fill a deep need so it is important to chose that special someone to fit part.  Use your dear ones unique characteristics to troll fertile waters.  Take care not to be so obvious as to provide your pursuers an angle to ensnare you. Finding the right person, the tender soul who's life is to be extinguished, is where many of my colleagues have made the error that led to their demise.  Chose an individual  not connected to you in any way.  Many of my friends had a skill in this which was less than sublime.  Now they are doing time!  Or worse, let that be an important lesson. Disguise is critical.  … [Keep Reading...]

Phoenix Rising by Danielle Rose-West

Bio: My name is Danielle Rose-West. I live in the United Kingdom with my family and my little dog, who is very much a part of the family. I have always been a dreamer and an incurable romantic with a vivid imagination. When I was a child, I was always reading. If anyone ever went looking for me, they usually found me curled up somewhere with a book! Most times when they spoke to me, I didn’t hear a word they said (my sister never believed me about this, but I honestly never heard her!). I was too wrapped up in the adventures I was reading. When I was growing up, I wanted to be either an author or a librarian. I never made it as a librarian, but ended up in office work instead. It has taken a long time for me to finally realise my dream to write, but I’m finally here. I now write contemporary romance with a magical or suspenseful twist. I like things that have something a little out of the ordinary about them in both my reading and my writing preferences. These days I spend most of … [Keep Reading...]